Thursday, 18 October 2012


I just checked facebook and i saw my good friend NEO's status update, by the way i rarely comment on all social networks these days, its too noisy, everyone wants to be heard and no one wants to listen, so i fill in the blank space and just listen to what everyone has to say. What people say really is a discussion for some other day.

The update says "wake up and be somebody", it got me thinking, who have i being all these years? who do i want to be? who am i becoming?
You know the world is such a rowdy place , that people's noise have a way of drowning your opinions, where he who is loudest wins, it does not really matter if they are right or wrong.

Well have grown to be someone different from what i was a couple of months back and yes i have grown to be a bad person, its amazing how a shift in someone's opinion can affect your whole life, crashing your plans and opinions like a domino effect. Things i planned never to do are the things that give me relief lately, the beast in me is fully fed, and really thirsty for more. i bury my head in my palms and i think of how all this began, all the things i know can save me, and something in me keeps telling me "you just have to face this phase" , i know eventually it will pass, just like a thick cloud.

This is not me , its who i have to overcome to become who i really ought to be.
I still am the person i used to be, am still a good son, brother and a good friend and just wait dont judge me yet, because this will pass, am only scaling off.

We all go through this phase, maybe not all of , just most of us. The trick is remembering who you always were and who you want to be, otherwise, you will be lost in this phase. Oblivion is the main danger here.